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Kirstie Castaneira Biehl

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CEO / Founder

With almost a decade of event planning and branding experience serving a wide array of industries, Kirstie knows all about shaping the message your brand is telling.

She has the unique ability to turn any idea into a monetized reality. Kirstie has worked with corporations, start-ups, nonprofits, and individuals to develop clear branding strategies that work for each client's personalized needs.

As a small business owner and micro-influencer herself, Kirstie gets the importance of a holistic approach and understands how crucial consistent and targeting messaging is in making your brand a success.

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Sterling Cates

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Content Producer

Sterling is a creative producer and graphic designer based in Los Angeles. With more than 7 years of experience creating content and campaigns for a wide variety of companies and projects.

She is known for her ability to tap into what makes each client unique to create a specific brand voice and personality, then representing it visually.

Sterling uses her digital media expertise and natural eye for strategy to approach each project with thoughtfulness, an openness to collaborate, and attention to detail. She's excited to help guide you on your brand's creative journey!


Jenna Warby

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Head Design Partner

Jenna is a graphic designer based in Salt Lake City, Utah with extensive experience in creating visual identities for brands and companies.

She is known as a designer who provides the perfect package of passion, drive, and heart to everything that she does. She loves to discover what makes a client exceptional, and then translate that through all aspects of her work. 

Jenna is particularly brilliant with front end website design, and creating brand identities based on storytelling. When not pushing pixels, she can be found working as the top beach volleyball photographer in her state.

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