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Helping people find career coaching and a networking platform to find the balance between purpose and paycheck.

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Allspring is a 360-degree career planning solution and technical application that helps their members make a successful and fruitful career switch.

As Allspring was in its initial stages of getting off the ground, the company was in need of a clear and concise brand vision to ensure that they could meet the expectations of what they were offering to those who joined.

KCBranding worked with the founding team through brand discovery to nail down Allspring priorities and direction.


Help Allspring develop clear brand directives and brand strategy tools with a customized approach that in turn creates a stronger company presence while enabling future growth and expansion. 

KCBranding worked with Allspring's founding team through several branding exercises to nail down priorities for the company over the next year. With a customized approach fit to their needs, we aimed to synthesize the company's brand mission and direction.



In less than a month, we worked with Allspring to envision what their goals for their brand were; finalize core values, a positioning statement, mission statement, the brand's tagline, stakeholder personas and provided a full brand audit of the business to date.

Allspring is now using the tools we empowered them with to drive business to their niche target market and bring on the right people to their growing team. Even further, it spurred their new internal design team to craft a new brand identity to match their new voice and direction (company was previously known as 'NextStep' — design was not done by KCBranding, only foundation building strategy).

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"We are now much more intentional about our content and how we talk about Allspring throughout our team's brand touchpoints. It completely changed the way we think about communicating and embodying our brand. We now think, 'what would KCBranding recommend' before doing anything!"


Erin Rowe, CEO of Allspring

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