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KCB grew on the concept of providing distinct and memorable brand creation experiences digitally, making our services unique as they reach all areas, individuals, and brands looking to connect and work with us. 
Our team functions globally rather than in one exclusive location, meaning that we are able to reach an extensive audience of entrepreneurs and business owners alike that are looking to make a direct impact.
Based on our mission, KCB thinks and operates on using all perspectives and ways of thinking - we become full-fledged fans of what you do, and your customers will too. 

Where we started

We believe in the power of brand


Why us?

We work to earn your trust.

We want every one of our clients should feel that they can entrust their company and brand vision with us.

We work to guarantee prosperity.

We want our custom tailored solutions to not only work for you, but go above and beyond to help you succeed.

We work because we are passionate.

We want the world to know all about the cools things you, and we are passionate about making that a reality

Meet the leaders of our creative squad

Kirstie KCBranding Headshot.JPG

Kirstie Castaneira Biehl

CEO / Founder

Copy of Sterling KCBranding photo (1).jp

Sterling Cates

Content Producer


Jenna Warby

Head Design Partner

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