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Women in Business

Inspiring, educating, and collaborating with members of the IESE Community to support the development of female leaders in business.

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IESE Women in Business Club is a student-run organization serving current and previous students of IESE Business School. 

WiB has built deep roots within their community over time, and the leadership team wanted to build a brand strategy paired with a visually cohesive design that was modern and up to date with the new generation of IESE women and men coming through the ranks.

KCBranding worked with the current leadership team to help helm this new era of change two-fold in strategy and design. Important elements that were key for the WiB team: to create consistent brand presence on all platforms, bring a more human element to social media, and to create brand assets that the team can pass down to the next team as they graduate from IESE.


Help the leadership team at WiB discover the fresh and relatable brand voice they were looking for and the tips, tricks, and tools they need to create a visual brand that reflects that. Even further, developing custom made assets fit to suit their unique needs of leadership transitioning, so as new generations step into the leadership roles they can access and utilize the WiB brand in a similar way as those who came before.

On the strategy side, the solution for the WiB was to help them build a segmented, targeted brand plan that outlines effective marketing on all social platforms. This included content strategy ideas on how to create more engagement with their large target audience, and how to more effectively communicate the brand story WIB has through these mediums. With design the solution involved a refresh into the brand they currently had, as well as applying well needed additions to their brand system. Turn key assets included a re-tooling of their logo, color palette, typography, and social media presence - as well as the creation of their first ever brand book.



Over a dialed-in timeline, we worked with the current WiB leadership team to define and pair down their brand back to their core values:  Educate and Engage, Inspire and Empower, and Connect and Collaborate.

WiB got to work with their comprehensive social media targeted strategy, and they specifically hit the ground running with creating a content space that is professional and relatable to their audience. The biggest factors to note was their move into a tightened up logo, customizable social media templates, a WiB brand book, and new bright and playful colors. As they've utilized their new style to match their cohesive voice, the WiB space has now been elevated to match the wants and needs of the community they serve.

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