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Stretching Exercises


Creating a future where people in LA understand mind, body,
and soul interconnection to live more intentionally

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Lagroove is here to rejuvenate your body and soul. Their purpose to provide revolutionary group Lagree Fitness classes in a funky and refined studio space that redefines fitness for the West LA community.

As the Lagroove team was gearing up to take their business dreams to the next level, they needed a branding and design team to. support their needs and on a deeper level, help them authentically and accurately share their unique voice and perspective.

KCBranding worked with the founding team through brand discovery to nail down priorities and direction, and map out their first functioning website.


Help Lagroove build their external passions and beliefs and turn them into a distinctly Lagroove brand language. Lagroove isn't like anyone else, and the company needed the brand assets, strategy, and direction to back up that claim.

KCBranding worked with Lagroove's founders through several branding exercises and brand discovery sessions to really understand the Lagroove mission, ond how this new way to look at fitness is going to revolutionize how we understand it today. What does that look like? A custom brand book for their internal team to embody their new vision moving forward and a working digital platform to get Lagroove out and available to the public.



In a very concise timeline to help move their business development, we helped define their basics. Who are we, and who do we serve? That took the form of a purpose statement, vision, mission statement, brand positioning, core values, and even customer profiles.

Once they foundation of their brand was built, KCB worked then helped Lagroove develop their visual look. A custom logo mark was created that has a downright cheeky and playful vibe mixed with a bold color palette. Authentic patterns, the new logo, and the recognizably LA feel was then transformed into their first website to start welcoming new class members.

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Where are they now?

Thriving and striving, honey! Lagroove has taken their new vibe and ran with it.

On top of getting classes up and running as the world is working to find normal post-pandemic, Lagroove is also taking their new found confidence and applying it to finding new angel investors and new rounds of funding to begin franchising and expanding into a new era of fitness classes.

They have officially found their home studio space in LA, and will be opening their doors Fall of 2021!

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Clients are already loving it:

“A true gem in the business of client care and individualized instruction.”


"Incredibly rewarding."

"There is nothing like a Lagroove workout."

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