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Strategy and Design Solutions for Women-led Brands




KCBranding is a digital strategy and design agency that believes in the power of brand.
Our team combines business, marketing, communications, and design thinking to develop meaningful, differentiated, and authentic brands for new and startup size companies.

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Logo Design




Website Design

Social Media


With our unique approach, you will find through our portfolio and experiences that we dedicate ourselves to a people-first perspective; building the foundation for our clients to succeed. 

Branding Strategy

We develop and put the right tools in your hands to achieve brand success.  Our team will form strategy unique to you, and provide the essentials to reach your brand mission and directives. It's time your analytics and data start working for you!

Branding Design

Your brand is only as good as the creation and execution of its visual language. ​We keep every aspect of your brand in-house, creating a seamless translation between brand and visuals; ensuring that your message is being translated expertly and cohesively on all fronts.


KCBranding was built by people who know first hand what it takes to make it in the digital landscape, and we knew that we wanted to help other companies succeed just as we have. Learn more about the KCB philosophy here.

We are passionate about making
your vision an achievable reality

About KCB

"I built KCBranding off a need in the market I wasn't seeing addressed. Startups and small businesses simply don't have the same access to affordable branding and design support that their big box counterparts do.  Whether you're a business owner or simply a personal brand, KCBranding is here to help you succeed, and we can’t wait to work with you!”

—Kirstie Castaneira Biehl, Founder & CEO


Get started on your passion project, and turn it into a full-scale business

Are you a CEO, hustler, rise-and-grinder, and all-around boss looking to kickstart your dreams? We got you covered.

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Let's Build Your Brand

Interested in working with us, but not sure where to begin? KCBranding offers a free consult option.


We built our form to help you choose specific services you are interested in, list extra details, and request specs on the scope of your project. 

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